Welcome! Come on in, take a seat, grab some tea and 
join me for story time.

We met in another section of this website and I gather you 
are curious to learn more and find out if I’m the kinda person you’d like to get to know a bit more before we dive in and work together...am I right?

Okay good!

How did I end up becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner and teaching people how to tap into their spiritual superpowers so they can feel more confident, connected and centered every day?

Well, it started with my mother being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001.

Our family had no known history of cancer and this came as quite a shock to us, yet, when talking to my mom about her diagnosis and her thoughts on why she had cancer she told me it was probably because of all the guilt and shame she had inside her for so long.

That really hit me hard. I felt the truth when she shared this with me.

My mother had a very painful life of not feeling worthy, loved and ended up in horrible relationships that proved those feelings to be true.

When I realized my mom was facing a serious life or death illness, I set out on a path of understanding the causes of diseases and ailments.

Researching and reading countless books, Googling various therapies...this is how I dealt with my grief, throwing myself into finding a solution, a glimmer of hope and a path to wellness for my mom.

Along that journey I learned energy healing modalities such as Reiki (which ended up not going well at all!)

I also talked to Naturopaths, nutritionists, and energy medicine practitioners to understand more about healing from a holistic perspective.

That’s when a light sparked within me.

Yet I wasn’t ready for the call…

The responsibility of being a healer felt really enormous to me so I decided to pursue other endeavours as an entrepreneur.

I started a clothing company, World Karmony, which provided me the opportunity to work with wonderful friends who became family in Bali, Indonesia.
For 10 years I was able to share my yoga clothing and activewear with people all over the United States. It was the coolest thing ever!

But yet that longing, that call for something else...some greater purpose for helping to create transformation in people’s lives.

That’s when things got interesting. I met my now husband at a Halloween party (our favorite holiday) and he shared that he was a dating coach, which totally seemed like a line. I didn’t believe him. This was back in 2011 so dating coaches weren’t as common as they are today.

Well that chance encounter led to me training with Dr. Diana Kirschner, one of the top experts in Love and Relationships, to become a Love Mentor®.

For over six years, I had the honor to work with men and women all over the world who wanted to create healthy, long lasting relationships.

It was mostly the transformational inner work I enjoyed the most. I loved watching my mentees begin to love themselves, believe they were worthy and deserving which resulted in them finding good quality people to date.

Many of my clients would share that working with me was a “healing experience”.

Oof, that word again.

No, not me. I’m not that person.

It took a conversation with a friend for me to finally accept the truth. I do have something to give to others on their healing journey and I just needed the right methodology and training to help me feel confident in my abilities.

That’s when I found the Academy of Intuition Medicine
® in Sausalito, California.

After a series of synchronistic events, I was guided to the Academy by a colleague.

Their Master Certification in Intuition Medicine
® was everything I had been looking for. A well rounded curriculum combining Energy Medicine and Western Shamanic Practices.

My healing journey began and my life has never been the same.

Walking through the world, grounded as a spirit in my human home with ease and grace is the most wonderful gift I had ever received. It’s priceless.

Even better is that I get to take the knowledge and experience and share them with others so that they may discover what is holding them back in life and how to manage their well-being, feeling empowered and full of vitality everyday.

Pretty magical right?

It really has been.

I look forward to being a part of your transformational journey so you can feel some of that magic yourself!

Love and Light