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Episode 69: Using Our Intuition To Heal With
Nicole DiCristofaro

Intuition Medicine® And Unlocking Spiritual Powers With Nicole DiCristofaro Energy Medicine Practitioner

Intuition Development And What Started Our Spiritual Awakenings

In this episode, Nicole speaks with Niajae Wallace. We discuss Clair Abilities, chord cutting, and energetic hygiene.

In this episode, Nicole spoke to Dr. Nafisa Sekandari  about what exactly energy medicine is and how we can use it to heal our ailments at the energetic level. 

Learn more about the practical ways you can use the incredible powers of colors in the latest episode of the Be Healthy with Ana Podcast :microphone:: "Chromotherapy - The Secret To Healing Your Body With Color".

On this week's episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, Nicole DiCristofaro discusses how to re-wire the brain to improve health by releasing spiritual and emotional genetic baggage.

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